Hi, my name is Robb Engen and I’m best known around the blogosphere as a personal finance expert. But, guess what? I enjoy other things, too – like running!

My wife got me into running back in 2016. It’s now a huge part of my life! With this blog I hope to share everything about my running addiction; from a wake-up call run around the lake in my jeans, or the crippling sciatica that kept me stationary for weeks, to my favourite running gadgets and gear, training for my first race, upping the distance to get ready for a half-marathon, treadmill running vs. outdoors, running in the cold, plus the competitive drive that pushes me to new personal bests.

Why ‘Echo Runner’? Well, that goes back to my personal finance persona – I’m the Echo behind the popular Canadian personal finance blog Boomer & Echo.

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